Search Engine Optimization

The process of search engine optimization seeks to improve your website’s position within the organic Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It must be an ongoing process, because search engines are always evolving. The search engines are constantly modifying their algorithms to ensure that they are presenting the most pertinent results to their users. These algorithms have many aspects, such as the variables used to rank web pages within their indexes and the weighting applied to each variable. To keep up with the ever-changing search engine technology, RevClick devotes a substantial amount of time to staying current in the field.

Because SEO requires constant monitoring and updating in order to achieve the best result, it is easy to get caught up in the component factors, making micro-improvements to every aspect of a web page in hopes of creeping ever higher in the SERPs. But while pursuit of the number-one ranking is the holy grail of any SEO effort, ranking number one for apples doesn’t help your bottom line if your customer wants bananas. To make sure that your SEO investment achieves your business goals, we validate our SEO service objectives against your business strategy and the competitive forces of your market.

Market analysis. RevClick looks at your market and your business model, not just your web presence. RevClick begins each project with a thorough review of your online market, including keyword analysis of the search terms most commonly used. The results of the analysis provide a strong foundation for your SEO and also provide a useful starting point for any content development that may be needed to improve your website.

Website analysis. Once we understand your market situation and your business goals, we assess your web presence in this context. Does your site clearly describe your business? Does its look and feel reflect the brand identity you are striving to create? Do its design and content map to your business model? A clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your current web presence is necessary for successful optimization.

Search engine optimization. With a clear understanding of your market, your goals, and your current web presence, RevClick then proceeds with the technical aspects of search engine optimization. We cover all aspects of SEO: infrastructure, keyword optimization, on-page and off-page enhancement, and website content.

In search engine optimization, content is king. Once the market and keyword analysis have identified the terms that your target audience use to find what they are looking for, we leverage that knowledge throughout the SEO effort in developing the appropriate keywords, content, and links required to improve your rankings.

RevClick will work with you to create content specifications for your current web team, or we can provide website rewriting and redesign services through our partners.

SEO analytics. RevClick is familiar with all of the standard tools for monitoring and measuring the results of SEO, and will build and/or recommend a measurement system that’s right for your firm.