Industry Reports

July 2006 - The Combined Impact of Search and Display Advertising

This study by Atlas shows that coupling a display advertising campaign with a pay-per-click campaign significantly increases the campaign's conversion rate.

June 2006 - DMA Best Practices for Online Ad Networks & Affiliate Marketing

Guidelines from the Direct Marketing Association’s Internet Marketing Advisory Board for making the most effective/efficient use of Advertising Networks and Affiliate Marketing Programs.

May 2006 - Best Practices for Optimizing Web Ad Effectiveness

A quick read with some good insights on optimizing your online web advertising to generate results. Written by Rick E. Bruner of DoubleClick and Marissa Gluck of Radar Research.

April 2006 - Search Engine Friendly Design

Short summary of best practices in web design for from a Search Engine marketing perspective.

Year-end 2005 - An Insider’s Guide to the Media Marketplace

Written at the end of 2005, this report discussions merger and acquisition activity in the media market for that year and predicts the market for 2006. Places Search technology and services providers in the context of the broader Media market. From investment bankers DeSilva + Phillips.

October 2005 - Internet Advertising and the Generalized Second Price Auction: Selling Billions of Dollars Worth of Keywords

This research paper provides a quick summary on the evolution of keyword auctions and then does a deep-dive on the theory and implementation of the auction system that Google's AdWords system is based upon.

September 2005 - SEOMOZ Search-engine Ranking Factors

A compilation of industry experts’ opinions about which website design factors have the greatest impact on your SERP rankings.

May 2005 - Search Engine Marketing: Growth Companies in Play

Excellent overview of the SEM market from an outsider’s perspective. From investment bankers DeSilva + Phillips.

February 2005 - Search Before the Purchase: Understanding Buyer Search Activity

A good overall description of the behavioral aspects of how people approach search in their buying process.

2005 - Knock-Knock: Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide To Building A Web Site that Works

Entertaining and useful article about the importance of thinking through the purpose and goals of your site to create a strong foundation for your web design.