Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is outreach on the web. Common components of an Internet marketing program are pay-per-click, advertising networks, and affiliate marketing, but there are many other marketing and sales programs that can be used as part of your online strategy.

RevClick provides the following services either a la carte or as part of an integrated Internet market program. We will work with your firm to understand your current goals and practices and design a custom program to meet your needs.

Pay-per-click campaign management. Today’s Internet marketing environment offers a wealth of opportunities for effective, cost–efficient marketing campaigns. RevClick provides full–service PPC campaigns, from the selection of your search terms, through both analysis and testing, to the ongoing monitoring, assessment, and implementation of the program.

Ad networks. RevClick can also help you in deciding which advertising networks to use as part of your Internet marketing and branding campaigns. These networks can be leveraged as part of a PPC campaign—or leveraged as their own sales channel.

Internet marketing analytics. RevClick is familiar with all of the standard tools for monitoring and measuring Internet marketing performance, and will build and/or recommend a measurement system that’s right for your firm.

Website services. To round out our search engine marketing offerings, RevClick also provides website services through our strategic partners. Services offered include design, redesign, programming, and content development, and copywriting.

Internet marketing advice and counsel. For those who seek a strategic partner to help with business planning, RevClick provides consulting services. We have the business experience to counsel your firm in any area needed, from the big picture of your overall strategy to the details of your particular sales challenges.