About Us

RevClick was founded in early 2006 to provide search engine marketing with a business focus. Based on a market assessment of the current playing field for SEM and SEO, the RevClick team saw an unmet need. Today’s SEM/SEO market is growing and changing so quickly that technical understanding is essential. But while technical understanding is necessary, it is not sufficient. The complexity of adding the Internet to your marketing mix also requires a strong business foundation. RevClick meets the need for an SEM service that combines technical and business knowledge.

With experience in both the technical side and the business side, RevClick president Howie Cheney is ideally qualified to lead the team. Howie holds both a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and an MBA. He has served in a variety of executive management positions at technology firms in the areas of operations, professional services management, and business development. Known for his ability to combine business and technical skills to successfully manage complex programs, including difficult turnarounds, Howie has an impressive track record in growing business units and increasing revenue and profits.